• Safe City (HKU)


  • Game Design
  • User Interface
    User Experience

The Game Of The Future For Safety

Designing the game’s user interface and experience from the start to end of the game, from the navigation graphics, character appearance to each level and mini games within the mobile application.

Safe City


Welcome to the Safe City!

It has won the reputation of “the safest city in the world”. Whether it is at home or on the road, the chance of accidents is close to zero. It all depends on the concerted efforts of residents who have a wealth of safety knowledge, discipline themselves and abide by the rules, understand the importance of safety, and jointly protect the beautiful home.

In order to restore the good old days of a safe city, as a member of the safety inspection team x, you will have a heavy responsibility to go around every corner of the city to prevent accidents and solve all kinds of questions about safety of residents.