An Immersive VR Experience and Game

The game represents the different values and usage that the phone has linked to our real lives. By immersing the player in a virtual environment with game convention objectives and a phone we can test the player to their limits. When the phone rings it represents the relationship we have with the object, which is categorised in three states of how we interact with it. Which corresponds as a Personal Object, Network Communicator and Corporate Value. These values share a reality which we are linked to and are part of our lives that we connect to using the phone.

Game Objective
The player is challenged with a difficult situation of completing the game, whilst the player is completing the objectives a virtual phone is present to tempt them to interact with the phone. If the player cannot resist the temptation they are bound to lose the game, based on the concept of Orpheus.



Design a project that outlines the different realities the phone has linked to our lives.
  • 3D Design – Unity/Blender
  • Programming – C#
  • Wireframing

A VR game experiencing the constant reminder of different realities